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Irmscher goes Cruzing with 466Nm

2010-04-13 07:42
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Chevrolet
Model Cruze Edition
Engine 2l turbodiesel
Power 136kW
Torque 466Nm
Tired of simply cruising with your, well, Cruze? Perhaps Opel tuner Irmscher’s latest performance kit for GM’s world car will tickle your fancy.

As it stands the Cruze is a fine compact sedan.

Cabin appointments are very comfortable (has an ace driving position too) and the styling par for the class. It’s just not especially quick though.

Irmscher to the rescue

In an attempt to satisfy demand for a swifter Cruze, Irmscher will be offering its ‘Edition’ package for European market customers. This performance upgrade is solely applicable to the 2l turbodiesel model – which is not available in South Africa.

The Irmscher kit’s party piece is revised exhaust plumbing (and some trick ECU reprogramming) which boosts the 2l turbodiesel’s power output by 26 units to a new peak of 136kW.

Rotational force goes nearly off the scale courtesy of the Irmscher modifications, swelling from 320- to 466Nm.

Irmscher claims the Cruze Edition will run the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in eight seconds dead. Strangely, it does not specify whether this figure was obtained driving through the Cruze’s horrendous five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

Subtle styling trinkets

Beyond the rampant increase in straight-line performance the car’s high-speed directional stability and turn-in behaviour is improved too.

In Edition trim, the Cruze’s ride height is reduced by a neat 25mm, with performance 225 width rubber rolling on 18-inch turbine style alloy wheels.

For good measure there’s even a neat optional bootlid spoiler.

The Irmscher Edition will be available with full factory backing and warrantee cover directly from GM dealers in Germany.


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