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HKS working on supercharged CR-Z

2010-08-16 07:39

Forget about the CR-Z’s eco-friendly image. With some HKS plumbing under the bonnet it may become an apt replacement for the Civic Type R in terms of performance.

Honda’s CR-Z is perhaps not the contemporary CRX some expected it to be.

Despite this the car’s fundamentals are admirable.

It has a low emissions output of only 117g/km of CO2 and averages 5 litres/100km thanks to a very efficient 1.5-litre petrol engine buoyed by electric power producing a combined output of 92kW.

Shifting via a six-speed manual transmission (quite odd for a hybrid) but there can be little doubt that Honda’s latest three-door offering is commensurate to the company’s performance car heritage.

For potential CR-Z owners who would like to sacrifice some of the hybrid drivetrain’s efficiency bias for additional performance, renowned Honda aftermarket tuner HKS (founded by Yamaha engineer, Hiroyuki Hasegawa) is working on a forced-induction solution for the 1.5, four-cylinder engine.

Although still in development, the HKS CR-Z blower kit has posted a peak output of 125kW on a rolling dynamometer - a considerable improvement over the factory car.

With further mechanical finessing the HKS kit is expected to tally a road-going 148kW when it is completed, an output equal to the current Civic Type R hot hatch.

Pedantic engineers will be quick to point out how a supercharger is sure to stain the CR-Z’s fuel economy figures with its crank-drag, yet we this HKS blower-kit is sure to be the first of many aftermarket performance upgrades for Honda’s hybrid hot hatch. 


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