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Carlsson's 415kW Brabus beater

2008-10-22 11:50
German aftermarket tuning firms have scant respect

German aftermarket tuning firms have scant respect for the redoubtable quality of standard German factory performance cars. Witness the CK63 S, Carlsson’s 415kW take on the C63 AMG.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model CK63 S
Engine 6.2l, V8
Power 415kW
Torque 685Nm
Zero To Hundred 3.8 seconds
Top Speed 300km/h
Stuttgart’s C63 AMG has proven irresistible to the legions of German aftermarket tuners. Ornate specialist Carlsson has a 415kW kit available.

Obviously chasing the Brabus boys and their B 63 S with its 390kW naturally aspirated V8, Carlsson have kept the capacity but revised engine electronics and exhaust plumbing.

Indecently quick

Numbers being everything to the German tuning industry, Carlsson have bested Barbus by producing 415kW and 685Nm enabling a claimed 3.8 second 0-100km/h time.

Being an aftermarket conversion, Carlsson are not bound by the German 250km/h blanket speed limiting agreement - subsequently electronic control unit modifications usher in a 300km/h top speed.

Coil-over suspension cover

To ensure the torrent of additional power and torque doesn’t put customers into haphazard road furniture or barriers at the first application of injudicious throttle and steering lock, an optional multi-plate limited slip differential, with variable rate lock-up, is available.

With the limited slip differential keeping things tidy at low to medium speeds, high-speed stability is sorted thanks to a RS sourced coil-over suspension kit, encompassing individually adjustable dampers - there goes your Friday night social life.

Styling embellishments consist of regulation front spoiler with tasteless embedded mesh and rear spoiler to keep the rear end stable at high speeds. Unbelievably everything is plastic and you have to pay extra for carbon fibre – doesn’t say much for German craftsmanship.

The worst part of the Carlsson CK63 S is undoubtedly the multi-spoke wheels. At 19-inches in diameter you can hardly miss them, and though the 1/16 UL mags may be 38% lighter than a comparable sized OEM mag it’s still too busy and cluttered in design.

Beyond the mesh spoiler and oddball wheels, the CK63 S resolves severe performance for a naturally aspirated German performance four-door.


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