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Brits chip 335i to 278kW

2009-03-26 12:30
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model DMS 335i
Engine 3l, twin-turbo six
Power 278kW @ 5 600r/min
Torque 583Nm @ 4 200r/min
BMW’s 335i is an indecently fast small executive saloon. Pity about the encrypted processors making ECU rechipping a bit of a hazard. Really?

Rob Young, a software engineer and bossman of Southampton based tuner DMS, believes his company has finally cracked the 335i’s encryption codes properly, and unsurprisingly, released a slew of additional power.

The DMS workshop in Southampton. Porsches and various other European automotive exotica are serviced here for extra power. Not your typical backyard tuner then...

Young’s claim of 278kW (considering the car’s untouched engine internals) may sound a bit rich.

If one considers BMW’s in-house rechipping of the 335i/135i engines in mid February this year easily upped power from 225- to 240kW, Young’s claim appears to be quite well founded.

Driveability is alleged to be the DMS fettled 335i’s defining characteristic, with 583Nm of torque peaking at 4 200r/min.

The rechipped engine produces 257kW from 4 300r/min right up to the 7 000r/min redline, passing the impressive 278kW power peak along the way at 5 600r/min.

Essentially then, this DMS chipped 335i should provide more responsive in-gear performance than an M3 in real world driving conditions, and showcases - yet again – what a stupendous piece of mechanical engineering the 3l, in-line six BMW twin-turbo engine is.


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