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Blown M3 sets Kyalami lap record

2010-07-27 08:15

Whilst you were sleeping in on Sunday morning, Reghard Roets was power-oversteering this E92 to a near 335i production car equalling time around Kyalami.

As you would expect from a man who races in Class T of the local production car series, Reghard Roets has set a new forced-induction street car lap record at Kyalami.

Roets participated in a joint BMW/Porsche track day on Sunday and beyond having a fun day out managed to ink his name behind a new lap record for forced induction BMWs around South Africa’s only F1 certified circuit.

Lapping in a RG Motorsport E92 M3, Roets powered to a time of 1:54.03 during an early morning run on Saturday.

Rolling (barely) street-legal Dunlop semi-slicks, the RG Motorsport E92 was able to employ its full 504kW and 634Nm before ambient temperatures starting rising through the day.

"This isn’t a track car disguised as a road car and it wasn’t built with lap records or track usage in mind, which makes the way it coped with this kind of stress even more impressive," said Roets.

"Despite its pace it remains docile and exceptionally refined in normal driving and the only issue on the day was the tendency for the power steering fluid to overheat after a number of flying laps."

Local forced-induction guru and RG Motorsport technical expert, Rob Green, says the company’s supercharged E92 is good for 0-100km/h in around four seconds and a top speed of 320km/h.

Adding an additional 195kW to the E92’s 4l V8 is a charge-cooled, centrifugally-driven supercharger. A heat-exchanger with separate cooling properties lowers intake air temperatures before it is rushed into the engine.

If you are keen to try and best Reghard's time (we doubt you would be able to, though), RG Motorsport offers the selfsame E92 conversion for walk-in customers.

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