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BMW's scissors-door 6 Series

2010-10-20 06:30

SHREK’S 6 SERIES: Finished in a rather lurid hue of green, CLP’s MR 600 GT is an alternative for those seeking scissors-door access without an Italian badge of origin.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model MR 600 GT
Engine 4.8l V8
Power 278kW
BMW’s E63/64 soft-tops are not the prettiest of cars. Impeccably engineered, perhaps, but not elegant in the traditional Jaguar XK order of things.

With the new 6 Series lurking for release early in 2011, one particular aftermarket tuner is giving BMW’s largest convertible a fitting send-off towards the end of its lifecycle.

Germany’s CLP Automotive has just released its MR 600 GT package.

This styling and component upgrade turns the 645i into a (very) green machine - and we don’t mean that in an environmentally aware sense at all.

Shrek’s scissors-door convertible

The CLP MR 600 GT package consists of modifications in three target areas – performance, aerodynamics and appearance. Unsurprisingly, the CLP’s aerodynamics kit is the most elaborate part of the conversion.

Ignore the Shrek-like colour and you’ll notice new dual front wings, rear fender flares (primarily to accommodate the oversized wheels and tyres), side skirts and a rear spoiler. Allegedly, downforce increases at speed courtesy of the new styling bits...

The most radical departure from the series 645i’s design becomes apparent when you try to get in the MR 600 GT. Scissors-function doors hve replaced the standard items.

Fleshing out the MR 600 GT’s wide-body look is a set of three-piece alloys measuring 22" in diameter and attired with the requisite high-performance rubber.

Germany’s foremost aftermarket suspension, coil and shocks specialist Klaus Wolfaart supplied a KW Variant three coil-over kit to keep each wheel's bound and rebound characteristics expertly matched to the new wheel/ tyre combination.

Rounding-off CLP’s MR 600 GT kit is a rather mellow engine upgrade. The 645i’s 4.8 BMW V8 gains a scant eght kW courtesy of a custom-made stainless-steel exhaust system and ECU harmonization.

The cost of having your 645i turned into a Shrek-hued, German imitation of Lamborghini’s Murciélago convertible? A not at all insubstantial R175 000.


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