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Aston's new R70m V8 supercar

2010-08-20 06:39

Could this possibly be what James Bond may be driving in the post-Daniel Craig era?

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Aston Martin
Model Super Sports
Engine 5.4l twin-turbo V8
Power 700kW
Transmission Six-speed manual
Since gaining its independence from Ford back in 2007 James Bond’s favourite car brand has not been shy of producing outlandishly expensive cars.

The company’s One-77 supercar combines rapture inducing styling, impeccably crafted composite construction and a 7.3l V12 – powering it to a top speed of 355km/h.

At a price of R14m, Aston is marketing the One-77 deep into Bugatti Veyron territory.

Surely the Gaydon-based manufacturer could not best its One-77 offering? Well…

It would now appear Aston Martin branding is embarking on a most ambitious project, to test the market for a R70m supercar.

An Anglo-French supercar?

French coachbuilder, Star Electric Cars, has released renderings of its proposed Aston Martin Super Sport.

Although the French engineering concern is best known for producing electric golf carts resembling Hummer H1s, Bentleys and Astons it also conceptualises, designs and builds unique cars for discerning collectors globally.

Keen to expand on its portfolio of one-off "specials", Star Electric is planning to build eight Super Sports – its vision of what the most extreme Aston Martin should represent.

Preliminary design renderings contain contemporary Aston Martin styling details with regards to the front and rear light clusters, whilst the Super Sports side profile indicates a mid-engine lay-out.

A twin-turbo 5.4l V8 will supposedly power the Anglo-French supercar and produce 700kW, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission with a torque-sensing limited-slip differential mediating traction.

If Star Electric stays true to this projected configuration for the Super Sports it will be one of the most powerful cars ever to feature a tri-pedal driving set-up. One can only imagine how beefy the clutch action would have to be in order to cope with such a high power output.

Although pure conjecture at the moment, stranger things than the Super Sports coming to market have happened.

Considering Aston Martin’s ability to market anything with the winged badge and sell it at a significant premium (the Cygnet comes to mind) a future Anglo-French supercar joint venture could be in the offering.


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