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'70s classic does 0-100km/h in 1 sec

2006-11-16 13:49
There's something to be said about your first car. Even if it's a hand me down from decades ago, you'll still fall in love with it and take care of it no matter how many times it may fail on you.

Not wanting his 1972 Vauxhall Victor to head to the scrapheap, Andy Frost, a British engineer, decided to create a car that would rival the world's supercars.

According to The Sun, the wily Brit's extremely modified blast from the past, has been beefed up to be able to produce a breathtaking speed of 0-100 km/h in just one second.

The pimped out Vauxhall Victor takes a mere 7.8 seconds to hit 295 km/h, with its modified 9.3-litre Chervrolet engine, and would leave most supercars trailing far behind.

Frost recalls how he had bought his trusty Vauxhall for £69 over 25 years ago and since then has splashed out a whopping £100 000 in modifications on it, hence its extreme racing performance.

He laments how he gave up accommodating his wife's brooding needs with a bigger house and instead opted for his unique car.

"We could've had a bigger house. But we have a unique car faster than any other on the road," said Frost, reports The Sun.


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