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514kW boost for Ferrari Enzo

2008-05-27 07:43
The coal mining town of Ahlen, Germany, is home to Edo Competition, and you won't believe what they do to Ferrari Enzos there.

With the V12 powered Enzo already the stuff of performance motoring legend, Edo felt the holy grail of Italian supercars could do with some aftermarket upgrades.

Limited market

Problem is though, there are only 399 Enzos (plus the Pope's special charity one) in worldwide circulation, with the rather truncated production run from 2003-2004 having ensured a huge supply shortfall and platinum like residual values.

So unless you were one of the beautiful or stupefyingly wealthy people who were sent an invite to buy one originally the new Edo Competition conversion might not really be of relevance to your 2008 budget planning.

German tuners are renowned for their rather dubious aftermarket styling excess, and it borders on automotive sacrilege to cut any Ferrari bodywork, especially something as rare as an Enzo.

Subsequently you'll find the Edo Competition version virtually indistinguishable from the 'stock' Enzo, bar for the 19x10-inch wheels in front and 20x13-inch wheels in the rear, rolling Michelin tires sized 265/35 R19 and 335/30 R20, respectively. The Yellow display car featured black finished mags, and this contrast works brilliantly.

Under the bodywork is where the money has been spent though. Suspension has been revised, now featuring adjustable compression and rebound damping similar to that on the FIA GT MC12 Maserati. Despite the reworked suspension nose lift functionality is retained.

Subtle power increases

Employing set of headers similar to those in the FXX, fed via a revised ram-air system and a set of high-flow air filters breathing has been improved remarkably, ensuring optimal combustion in the 6-litre V12 engine.

The car still features catalytic converters - albeit performance orientated high flow items - and remote-controlled, butterfly valves in the outlet system that allow the sound levels to be adjusted on the fly.

The sum total of all this is a power output of 514kW at 8 200r/min and torque peak of 715Nm at 5 800r/min, besting the 'stock' Enzo figures of 485kW and 657Nm. Driving through a new, high-performance clutch and featuring revised electornics, shift times are claimed to be on par with Ferrari's own FXX supercar.

Performance is ridiculous with a 0-300km/h sprint time of 22 second and top speed of 370km/h. So, if you are tired of only being 'another' Enzo owner at the Ferrari club breakfast run on Sunday mornings, you might want to drop the Edo Competition guys a mail and give your Enzo some elocution lessons and supplemental performance.


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