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300C gets radical Startech vibe

2008-04-01 08:43
Startech, the Chrysler orientated arm of German tuning giant, Brabus, has dialled even more radical style into the 300C sedan and wagon range.

Although the 300 range, with its large surface areas and undersized windows, cuts a menacing presence in standard form, Startech has added body Tupperware which has both aesthetic and engineering value.

The new front and rear spoilers reduce lift on the front axle for added stability during high speed driving, while a new matrix chrome grille adds to the gansteresque urban presence.

Startech rocker panels along the flanks stabilise the airflow along the sides of both the sedan and wagon versions, whilst integrated side LED lights ensure safer entering and exiting of the vehicle in dark areas.

Huge wheels, tailored suspension

Following the Brabus design philosophy of rolling symmetry, Startech offers exclusive wheel combinations in the form of their new Monostar IV mags in either 20- or 22-inch diameter. For those unconcerned about ride quality you can have 22-inch Monostar IVs shod with 265/30mm profile ZR rated tyres.

With the oversized wheel combinations available standard suspension settings were going to have to be altered. Subsequently the Startech fettled 300s feature sport springs, with a rear-damper set-up specifically tailored to accommodate the larger wheel and tyre combinations. These suspension changes lower ride-height by 40mm.

Turbodiesel power

No Startech conversion would be worthy of the name without an increase in power. The 300C power upgrade focuses on the 3.0 CRD engine derivative, a turbodiesel.

Although this might seem at odds with the American cruiser image of conveyed by the 300C styling package, the 193kW and 580Nm power figures are hardly pedestrian - especially considering the standard engine produces 160kW and 510Nm.

With acceleration form 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds and a 238km/h top speed the Startech 300C, in either sedan or station wagon form, will leave many in the wake of diesel particles. And there are a lot less of those particles too, thanks to the conversion being completely EURO IV emission complaint.

A typically mind-numbing assortment of interior trim and accessory combinations are available at the whim of customers from the in-house trim and interior division Startech shares with Brabus. All leather items are hand made from only the finest Mastik and Alcantara breathable leather.


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