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Classic cars in SA: Toyota AE86 Trueno driven

2017-03-14 07:23

MEET HACHIROKU:Calvin Fisher from Other People's Cars met up with Sergio Bergstedt, owner of a 1983 Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86. Image: Calvin Fisher / YouTube

Calvin Fisher

Cape Town - Whether you're a Bimmer fan, a Golfkop or even an old-school Datsun fan, any petrolhead worth his/her salt knows what an AE86 Toyota Corolla is.

It's the original hachiroku ('Initial D'), with an original white and black 'Panda' sprayjob.

Calvin Fisher, from Other People's Cars, met up with Sergio Bergstedt and his very exclusive 1983 ride, a Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno Coupe (AE86).

Initial D inspired

Fisher says: "The AE86 4AGE rear drive Corolla hatchback inspired the Initial D series and was the muse of Keiichi Tsuchiya, the other inspiration for Initial D. What we lose in Mt Fuji we gain with Table Mountain. Venture beyond the cable way and you'll find a road that tries hard to mimic Akina. So we did."

Bergstedt says the reason behind owning this car is purely from the Initial D fame and what it represents in the car community - especially here in Cape Town.

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He says he imported the car from Japan: "I have a friend in Japan who works at the auction houses there. I told him what my budget was, and the rest was history."

Bergstedt says: "I changed the carpet, covered the materials and just neatened it up a bit, but it still needs a lot more work"

Fisher even used music from the Initial D soundtrack for his awesome video, including: 'Forever Young', 'Around the world' and
'No One Sleeps in Tokyo'.

WATCH the video below:


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