Readers respond to SA's lawless taxis

'Police need to be more visible', 'Where do these guys get their licenses?' Wheels24 readers respond to reckless minibus taxi drivers.

Most targeted cars, bakkies in SA

Crime stats reveal which vehicles are most targeted by criminals in SA. Your car or bakkie could be on the hit-list...

Mzansi’s amazing Fives - history of the BMW 5 Series in SA

South Africa has produced some unique chapters in the history of the BMW 5 Series, writes Lance Branquinho.


This Syrian car lover wants to revive his 'wounded' classics

2017-03-14 08:54

Car enthusiast Mohammed Mohiedin Anis is desperately trying to save his collection of vintage cars 'wounded' in battles that have ravaged the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Classic cars in SA: Toyota AE86 Trueno driven

2017-03-14 07:23

If you're a petrolhead, you'll know 'Initial D' and you'll definitely know what an 'AE86 Hachiroku is'. If not, find out about a special classic car in Cape Town.

Oldest Beetle in SA finds resting place at VW AutoPavilion

2017-03-10 12:38

The oldest Beetle in South Africa, built in 1949 in Germany, finds a home at Volkswagen's automotive museum. It's aptly named Jan!

Concours South Africa 2017 - an international event in Africa

2017-03-09 07:45

'Concours SA will be on a level with the great concours events of the world," says organisers as the 2017 event takes shape.

F1 veteran Jenson Button's ‘VIP’ Ford GT for sale

2017-02-09 13:08

he 2005 Ford GT, first owned by Jenson Button MBE, will be up for sale at the Silverstone Auctions’ Race Retro Classic Car Sale in February.

Retro-drive: BMW’s M1 - The One. And Only

2017-01-14 06:31

'I reluctantly handed back the keys, still reminiscing on the experience of a proper supercar - from a time when driving one was an all-involving, all-consuming act,' writes Ferdi de Vos as he drives BMW's classic M1 in South Africa.

Arrived in SA: Mercedes lifts lid on C-Class cabriolet

19-10-2016 14:12 Mercedes-Benz' C-Class Cabriolet has finally arrived in South Africa, we have prices, details and a gallery.

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Here's how easy it is to hack a car

Car hacking is a phenomenon that's sending chills up motorists' and manufacturers' spines. Check out some of the most hackable vehicles.

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