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Clarkson takes on ickle guys

2013-05-20 12:24

MR MOTORMOUTH: Jeremy Clarkson is having a go at babies - perhaps he should pick on somebody his own size? Image: Wheels24

LONDON, England - There are, the saying goes, two certainties in life – death and taxes – but it would pretty safe bet to add a third: Jeremy Clarkson’s comments offending one group or another.

There is, of course, a fourth: that every tabloid journo worth his pint of British bitter will jump on the story with giggling glee. Oh yeah, and a fifth: that dear old Jeremy will, exactly as he intended, get several million dollars’ worth of free publicity.

The first bit was from the UK's The Guardian - the rest we invented. However...


The UK’s Daily Star (now there’s a tabloid of note) reports that this time the motormouth has upset the mothers of small children.

"When will British Airways realise that babies belong in the hold?" he tweeted. "Mine didn't fly until they were old enough to behave."

Given Clarkson’s high-flying ego, they probably didn’t need a plane.

Cue in the usual outrage, The Guardian continues, and a little support, across the Twittersphere. "I'd rather share a cabin with 20 colicky babies than one Jeremy Clarkson," said one outraged punter, clearly not telling the truth.

Maybe she should have added that people of Clarkson’s height and girth should be forced to pay for two seats.

Or maybe share with a baby. Or ride in the hold.


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