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Settled! The female parking thing

2011-10-03 09:04
Are women worse at parking than men? Well, UK driving test statistics prove a sexist stereotype...

According to data released by the UK's Driving Standards Agency, about one-third of all women (55 000 out of 170 000) failed on parallel parking. Others failed on reversing and failing to use their mirrors.

The agency also reported that female drivers need an average of 52 hours' tuition beefore passing; men required 36.


According to the London Daily Mail, researchers at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, asked 65 volunteers to park an Audi. Women took as much as 20 seconds longer than men and some women blamed their sluggishness on their breast sizes, claiming that they found it diffcult to turn around while parking.

A stereotype was also found to be true among men: Boy Racer lives! According to data, 40 000 men failed their driving test in 2010 for moving off too quickly,; another 30 500 failed for jumping traffic lights.

The DSA lists the most frequent fault for both sexes as forgetting to check right, left and then right again at junctions.

The DSA reported that the UK first-time pass rate for men was 50.7%, for women 44.1%.

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