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Satnav rage has drivers boiling

2011-10-17 14:49
Millions of drivers are left in stand-offs (or just plain stranded) by their satnav devices but the reasons, a study has found, are really quite simple.

A British study has found that around eight-million drivers in that country own satellite navigation systems but six out of 10 don't realise that updates are required.

This failure to update frequently results in many being directed along routes no longer quickest or shortest or, given the road-building activity of the last couple of years, even in existence.


The study was conducted by satnav app developer Skobbler that found a large percentage of the 2000 drivers surveyed have had it with their satnavs after becoming lost on a journey. Along with outdated routes, unclear directions and maddening voice overs were also fingered as causes of satnav rage.

Britons aged 17 to 45 were quizzed about their relationship with their satellite navigation systems and 20 percent were often angrywhile the same number said the map updates were too expensive; 51% have never updated their satnav's software and 11% didn’t know they had to…

The TOP TEN grievances listed by respondents were:
1 Wrong directions
2 Not the quickest route
3 The voice
4 Losing connection
5 Out-of-date maps
6 Device falls from windscreen
7 Map updates are expensive
8 Difficulty punching in details
9 It’s slow
10 Difficult to stick to windscreen

If you use a satellite navigation system to get around, do you agree with the study’s findings? What are your GPS loves /hates?


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