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Bakkie sent flying, crashes into Durban house

2015-07-02 10:55

A HOUSE ISN'T A PARKING SPOT: ER24 published images of a bizarre scene at a township in Durban - a reckless driver crashed his car into a house! Image: ER24

DURBAN, kwaZulu-Natal - If there remains any doubt that dangerous behaviour needs to be curbed on South Africa's roads then this surreal scene in Durban should galvanise the government into action - images of a vehicle that had gone through the roof of a house.

They were published by ER24.

Witnesses in kwaMakhutha township described how the vehicle was flying before it smashed into the roof of a house today (July 2 2015).

ER24 reported that the driver had driven over a "ramp" from which his vehicle launched.


ER24 reported: "One person sleeping in the house was woken by the car falling into the house. The cause of this incident is not unknown."

Arrive Alive editor Johan Jonck said: "What is abundantly clear from these photos is that no vehicle should defy the laws of gravity. If the vehicle had been driven at the appropriate speed and the driver hadn't been reckless, this wouldn't have happened.

"We must be able to adjust our speed to specific conditions - these include road traffic and weather (i.e the mist on the N4)... or possible obstructions on the road such as the 'ramp of some sort' claimed by the driver.

"Driving requires being alert to these conditions and being able to adjust driving style and speed. Such crashes would not occur if that were the case."


This Durban incident is not the first time a reckless driver has ploughed into a house...

Seven children were killed on January 28 2015 when a bakkie overturned and crashed into a house in Pietermaritzburg. Another dozen sustained critical injuries.

RECKLESS BEHAVIOUR: Paramedics arrived to find a vehicle smashed through the roof of a house in kwaMakhutha Township, Durban. Image: ER24

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