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Apple’s Project Titan: Self-driving iVan?

2015-06-09 13:09

NEXT AUTONOMOUS CAR: Apple is using camera-covered Dodge Grand Caravans to test self-driving technology that will be rolled out in an autonomous car of its own codenamed ‘Project Titan’. Image: Automedia

Technology giant Apple has set out to build an autonomous car as it tests its self-driving Apple Van, codenamed 'Project Titan'.

Spy photographers caught the van undergoing testing in Detroit, Michigan. Apple’s camera-covered Dodge Grand Caravans have been spotted previously in San Francisco and near company’s Cupertino headquarters in California.

Its presence near Detroit is the first time the van’s been spotted in the backyard of major automakers.


Automedia reports that Apple is working on a vehicle that resembles a minivan, focusing on electric and connected-car technologies. The company is also testing the potential for automated driving.

IMAGE GALLERY: 2015 Apple Van (Spy)

Partnerships and programs for Apple's Carplay app show that the company is sticking its toes into the transportation sector as it expands its reach. As Apple teams-up with automakers, it may learn more about building its own form of transportation driven by its systems.


Earlier in May, Wheels24 reported that Google's self-driving car will make its debut on public roads in the US later in 2015. Google’s aim is to roll out driverless cars in the next five years.

Google said its prototype is the first vehicle built from scratch for the purpose of autonomous-driving.


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