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0/10 drivers taking your kids to school

2015-01-23 13:28

WHO'S TRANSPORTING YOUR KIDS? MEC Donald Grant revealed the shock results from a scholar transport operation at Blossom Primary School, Athlone. Is your kid safe? Image: YouTube

CAPE TOWN – These are the kind of people keen to make money out of  driving your child to and from school each day but not so keen on doing so safely and legally. Oh yeah, and the crimes they were committing while doing so...

At just one school, Blossom Primary in Athlone, Cape Town, on January 22...

• Seven vehicles were impounded
• Driver was arrested for 25 arrest warrants
• Seven drivers without necessary permits
• Four without professional driver’s permit
• 10 UNLICENSED, 10 not carrying licence
• 11 vehicles were overloaded
• 15 vehicles had defective seat belts

Cape Town traffic services had set up a school transport check at the school and the practices they uncovered were descried as "shocking".

Western Cape MEC of transport and public works, Donald Grant, was present during the operation. He said later that many children are being carried in dangerous and unroadworthy vehicles, often with an unlicensed driver at the wheel.


"Some vehicles," Grant said, "were being driven by people not licensed to do so. This poses a serious threat to the safety of all children forced to travel under such adverse conditions.

"I'm encouraged by the keen interest Blossom Primary is taking in its children's safety by working closely with officials to identify and address issues. Province, law enforcement, schools and parents must, through partnerships, do more to ensure that school transport is safer and that children are protected from continued unacceptable danger."

When contracting privately with school transport operators, Grant said, parents should ensure that each driver has the correct licences and permits and has a roadworthy certificate for his vehicle.

Wheels24 says: Don't these "businessmen" realise or - worse - CARE that they are putting young children at risk through their disgraceful anti-social, anti-community, behavour? Sorry gentlemen, but on a scale of 1-10 for social responsibility, integrity and honesty you all score zero.

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