BP launches best dirt-busting fuels

BP launched its new range of fuel in SA and says the new products will clean your car's engine and improve fuel economy. - Sponsored

11 ways to drive fuel efficiently in SA

We list more tips and methods on how to stretch the fuel in your car, as well as stretching your wallet.


Connected, self-driving cars pose serious security challenges

2016-07-23 11:59

In a world where vehicles can be weapons and cars increasingly depend on internal computers and internet connections, automakers are under increasing pressure to find ways to guard against cyber-attacks.

Gross! Here's the body you need to survive a car crash

2016-07-22 15:20

He may look like the ugliest 'human' yet but Graham is an extreme attempt by road safety activists to raise awareness. This is the body you need to survive any car crash (Warning: disturbing images)

Movie cars of the future: How close are they to reality?

2016-07-22 09:22

From Blade Runner's 'Spinner' to the stylish Lexus seen in Minority Report... we look at futuristic cars featured in movies and find out just how close they are from becoming a reality on our roads.

Warning of heavy weather, dangerous roads along N3

2016-07-22 17:33

The South African Weather Services has warned motorists travelling to KwaZulu-Natal to take extra care as heavy weather is expected on sections along the N3 Toll route.

SA Women's Car of the Year: Here are the finalists

2016-07-22 09:50

The 2016 SA Women's Car of the Year finalists have been revealed. Wheels24's Janine Van der Post, one of the judges, explains how the unique competition works.

The Grand Tour: 'Of course we didn't take it off-road'

2016-07-22 08:19

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May appear to carry on their long tradition of breaking cars in their latest clip promoting the trio's new show The Grand Tour.

Autopilot technology drives Teslas but comes with warnings

2016-07-22 06:40

A Tesla in Autopilot mode can drive itself but it's not a "self-driving" vehicle, at least as far as safety regulators are concerned

WATCH: How many roadworthy fails can you spot in this clip?

19-07-2016 13:37 We came across this clip of a wrecked Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. Despite its dismal condition, it was captured travelling along a busy road. How is this monstrosity still mobile?

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BP fights rising fuel prices for SA motorists

BP's new fuel, Ultimate with Active technology, will, theoretically, extend your car's fuel range while reducing maintenance costs. Read more.

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