Guess where Ducati's biggest store is?

Ducati has marked its return to one of the world's most important motorcycle markets. You'll never guess where the Italian bikemaker's largest store is...

Renegade police: Jeep cop car on prowl

Ever wondered what a Jeep would look like as a cop car? This Renegade's kitted out in police livery and is undergoing a six-month police trial!


Double Desert Race triumph for Hiluxes

2015-07-01 11:34

the annual Desert Race, Round 3 of the SA Cross-Country championship, was a three-day event. See who kept their lead...

'Thirsty 30': New cars burn too much oil

2015-07-01 11:03

Should you top-up your car's oil between services? Consumer Reports has found some new cars need oil as often as once a month. We list the 'Tthirsty 30'...

Older crash victims suffer: Is that you?

2015-07-01 09:12

One in four older people will have lasting pain after a car crash and many will struggle to perform basic daily activities for months afterwards. Are you one of them?

Smart ForRail: Part city car, part train?

2015-07-01 08:56

Ever wanted your Smart ForFour to handle like it's on rails? Well, er, here's one that does, quite literally in fact.

Kia Sorento: Whole new level for 2015

2015-06-30 20:24

Kia SA took to the superb roads of the far north-east - Limpopo Province - to show off its 2015 Sorento SUV. Thought your Merc was quiet...huh!

For sale: SA's iconic Wembley Raceway

2015-06-30 12:30

One of South Africa's most iconic dirt motorsport venues, Wembley Raceway, is set to be auctioned. Will it be saved like Kyalami race track or forever lost to the sport?

SPIED: BMW's new all-wheel drive M5

2015-06-30 09:11

BMW is testing what will become its sixth-generation M5 at its Nurburgring centre. For the first time in its history, the M5 will have optional all-wheel drive!

N12 mist horror: Two killed in 65-car pile-up

2015-06-30 08:56

Two people have been killed in yet another huge N12 pile-up, this time involving over 60 cars, minibus taxis and trucks. The horror pile-up was captured on video!

130 years back: World's first caravanner

17-06-2015 12:24 Here's a special feature for you caravanners! See how you would have travelled with your family way more than a century ago...!


Update: Peugeot 3008

20-01-2012 08:41 Wayne takes his Peugoet 3008 on a journey to discover what more the pudgy Frenchie has to offer.

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Car quality: Power survey 5 best, 5 worst

Automotive quality improved in 2015 but Japan can't keep pace with Korea, Europe and US. We reveal the best and worst automakers for quality cars.

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