What you should know about Turbodiesels

South African motorists were rather late to arrive at the performance/economy party that is the modern turbodiesel engine.

What does your car say about you?

The vehicle you drive could have a direct baring on your personality. Take a look...


REVIEW: Likeable Suzuki Baleno is quite the charmer

2016-12-21 14:39

Wheels24's Charlen Raymond thinks he found the reason why he 'clicked' with the Suzuki Baleno. And it involves a woman...

Wheels24 drives the Smart ForTwo Brabus

2016-12-20 08:39

'It would make an ant feel claustrophobic!" Calvin Fisher reviews the Smart ForTwo Brabus.

REVIEW: Here's why this yellow Fiat 500C does not come close to Bumble Bee

2016-12-19 06:01

'Was I becoming… quirky?' Wheels24's Charlen Raymond ponders that question after driving around in the Fiat 500C.

Here's why the JMC Landwind 5 is not such a crappy Chinese car

2016-12-13 12:25

'I've never been as terrified to drive a car as I was when anticipating the arrival of the JMC Landwind, yet it was all in vain,' says Wheels24's Janine Van der Post as she unpacks the Chinese product.

REVIEW: Is the CLA45 really deserving of the AMG badge?

2016-12-12 07:33

'In this car you’d much rather be the driver than a passenger,' says Wheels24's Charlen Raymond as he dissects the relevance of Merc's CLA45 AMG.

Renault's budget Kwid: A unique approach to ‘entry-level' car

2016-11-28 08:18

At R120 000, Renault's new Kwid is aggressively priced. Wheels24's Charlen Raymond finds out if the quirky car is the budget-beater locals have been looking for.

We drive Audi's new A4 sedan in SA

01/03/2016 13:46 'The ninth-generation A4 has lifted its game remarkably,' writes Sergio Davids who drives Audi's latest contender in the premium sedan market.

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First drive: VW's updated Amarok 3.0 TDI V6 bakkie

Volkswagen has discontinued its single-cab range of Amarok bakkies and instead will focus on the 'lifestyle' orientated double-cab market. Sean Parker drives the flagship V6 diesel.

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