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Peugeot crosses over to Juke style

2012-04-25 09:30

ONE OF TWO: This Peugeot is lucky enough to have two "world" debuts - one in Beijing and another at the Paris show later in 2012.

Peugeot’s next Urban Crossover Concept may be influenced by cities around the world, but the vehicle study receives its world debut at the 2012 Beijing auto show.

The French automaker describes its latest concept as “modern and relaxed, dynamic and seductive” and describes it as a car that will be at home in any modern city.

Created by Peugeot’s international design teams based in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo, the Urban Crossover Concept is just over 4m long and is a reflection, the automaker says, of a B-segment crossover. Should Nissan’s Juke be slightly concerned?


This crossover displays the robustness of a modern SUV with a raised body and large wheels while also showing the elegance Peugeot sedans are known for. The signature Peugeot grille is oversized and framed in metal and the leonine symbol is now placed atop the bonnet.

The crossover’s profile shows a raked windscreen and a dynamic line stretching all the way to the rear spoiler.

The stepped roof and “double bubble” are said to be influenced by the RCZ coupe while, at the rear, the LED arrangement cleverly shows off three claws.

The Urban Crossover Concept, following its debut at Beijing will also be shown at the Paris auto show in October, 2012.

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