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VW's four-seater city MPV

2007-10-25 11:09
Just weeks after the Up! small car concept made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen has pulled another rabbit from its hat, this time at the Tokyo Motor Show in the form of its space up! concept "people carrier".

The second model in what has been described by the manufacturer as a "new small family" of vehicles, space up! has an overall length of just 3.7 m and is already being hailed as a "small space wonder".

Space up! is 23 cm longer than the Frankfurt concept and at 1.54 m it gains an extra four cm of height.

Volkswagen claims this mini-van offers stowage space ranging from 220 to 1 005 dm3. Its four seats can be arranged in a variety of positions and, as with the up! seats are self-adjusting and fit to suit different body types.

With the exception of the driver's seat, all seats can be folded and removed.

Its clever use of space is attributable mainly to its rear-engined arrangement that frees up cabin space much like the Beetle and Microbus many years ago. This concept also uses twin doors at the rear, rather than a conventional tailgate.

Inside the cabin, doors on opposing hinges makes entry to and exit from the car relatively cramp-free.

Apart from that, the cabin mimics that of the smaller up! with a touchscreen that uses proximity sensors to react to the driver's responses while controlling other standard equipment such as the navigation, audio and film options, amongst others. If the small car thing appeals to you, you may want to hold off on the purchase of your next vehicle. VW has said the development of production vehicles is already underway.


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