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Proton gains some (Evo) X-factor

2010-12-06 07:26

EVO JUNIOR?: If you have always desired Mitsubishi’s Evo X with additional black-and-white contrast body Tupperware, then Proton’s Jebat concept is just for you.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Proton
Model Jebat
Engine 2l turbo
Power 175kW
Malaysian conglomerate Proton is nothing if not brazen.

Although its Proton road cars are hardly the most desirable automobiles around, the company also happens to own renowned British sports car maker and engineering consultancy Lotus.

Over the years Lotus has helped Proton refine the dynamics of its lukewarm products.

At the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show, which opened last Friday, Proton simply had to have something exotic (and odd) on display.


The company’s latest performance offering is the Jebat Concept. It's plainly styled to look an awful lot like Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution but is based on Proton’s Inspiria – itself a carbon copy of the Japanese brand’s Lancer.

With its (rather elaborate) matte black front and rear inserts, low-slung sills, new bonnet (with obligatory vents), rear spoiler, diffuser and 18" alloys, the Jebat looks very much like a junior Evo X.

Powering Proton’s Mitsubishi copy-'n-paste concept is the same 175kW, two-litre turbocharged engine that's found in the Japanese company’s Ralliart hot hatch.

Inside the Jebat, Proton’s trim and contrast design mimics Mitsubishi’s Evo X with a Clarion touch-screen infotainment system and high-end Recaro bucket seats embellished with red stitching.  

Performance sedan traditionalists may find the Jebat an affront to all that is good concerning fast four-doors yet, with Proton owning a proper F1 team, it probably has as much right as any to build its own knock-off performance road car concept.


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