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Peugeot crafts Chinese crossover

2011-04-15 11:09

CHINESE CROSSOVER: The Peugeot SCX makes a formidable styling statement with its 22-inch wheels and a hybrid powertrain makes it environmentally sound. Clever idea?

China has rapidly become the world’s most important automotive market so automakers take the Shanghai auto show very seriously.

The 2011 edition of China’s premier auto show will open next week (Easter weekend, unbelievably) it comes as no surprise that Peugeot, which has a design studio in Shanghai, will debut a striking new concept.

The SXC (Shanghai Crossover Concept) is a premium crossover-segment vehicle that manages to be shorter (4.87m) yet wider (2.03m) than BMW’s X6.


The car has slit illumination strips (instead of headlight clusters), boomerang-shaped tail lights and aluminium accents and is regarded as a futuristic, yet executable, design.

The cabin's ergonomics are dominated by touchscreen interfaces orientated towards the driver and rear-hinged doors allow contortion-free ingress and egress for second-row passengers.

Powering the SXC is a hybrid powertrain driving all four wheels. Peugeot’s 1.6-litre THP turbocharged petrol engine has been boosted to deliver 160kW and drives the front wheels; a 70kW electric motor is responsible for the rears.

With a combined output of 230kW, the SXC’s performance potential will be anything but slow. Peugeot claims combined driving cycle fuel consumption of only 5.8 litresl/100km, enabling the SXC to offer the best of both worlds in terms of driving dynamics and low fuel-consumption.

As crossover vehicles go, not many have been as boldly proportioned and neatly executed in concept as this latest Peugeot show-stopper.

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