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Stunner! Opel's 3-door hatch!

2004-08-17 08:59

The Opel Astra GTC takes its design cues of the original GTC concept car, which was shown at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show. The new three-door is also 15mm longer than that of its five-door sibling and has a more sloping roofline.

The GTC will have the same engine range as that of the five door Astra:

Petrol engine range:

  • 1.4; 5-speed manual; 66kW; 125Nm at 4 000 r/min
  • 1.6; 5-speed manual; 77kW; 150Nm at 3 900 r/min
  • 1.6; 5-speed Easytronic; 77kW; 150Nm at 3 900 r/min
  • 1.8; 5-speed manual; 92kW; 170Nm at 3 800 r/min
  • 1.8; 4-speed automatic; 92kW; 170Nm at 3 800 r/min
  • 2.0 Turbo; 6-speed manual; 125kW; 250Nm at 1 950 r/min
  • 2.0 Turbo; 6-speed manual; 147kW; 262Nm at 4 000 r/min

    Diesel engine range:

  • 1.7; 5-speed manual; 59kW; 170Nm at 1 800 r/min
  • 1.7; 5 speed manual; 74kW; 240Nm at 2 300 r/min
  • 1.9; 6-speed manual; 110kW; 315Nm at 2 000 r/min

    A highlight of the GTC is its IDS suspension (Interactive Driving System), with electronic CDC (Continuous Damping Control).

    Through the linking of sensors and control units for ESP, ABS and CDC, the new Astra is the first production car with electronically integrated chassis control, which opens a new dimension of balance between comfort and active safety.

    A special sport mode can also be activated at the touch of a button: it selects suspension settings that will appeal to the enthusiast driver, adapts the steering and accelerator response and, with automatic and Easytronic transmissions, adjusts the shift points higher up the rpm range.

  • The five-door Astra will be launched in the final quarter of this year in South Africa.


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