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Aston's new flagship super car

2008-08-08 11:44
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Aston Martin
Model One-77
Engine 7-litre V12
Power 480kW
Torque 677Nm
Bugatti Veyron a bit cheap for you? How about a new Aston Martin One-77 then?

Freed from the shackles of Ford meddling, Aston Martin is forging ahead with new products under the auspices of Ulrich Bez. Beyond James Bond's DBS and achingly pretty new DB9, Aston is cashing in with an audacious exercise of marketing cynicism with their new One-77 supercar.

Taking the traditional DB7 derived long-nose Aston design architecture to new heights, expect the One-77 to feature a traditional Aston grille, vented bonnet and heavily sculpted sides, which are essential to help dissipate heat from the enormous 7-litre V12.

Any car pricing itself at a premium over Bugatti’s redoubtable Veyron needs serious power to justify its existence and the One-77 employs an enlarged version of the DBS 6-litre V12. Company insiders say power should be in the region of 480kW and 677Nm, hardly enough to bother Veyron owners, massively powerful none the less.

Characteristically huge six-spoke alloys will hide huge ceramic brakes, whilst the car will attempt to salvage much of its dynamic intent by employing a carbon chassis and aluminium body panels in order to keep weight below 1800kg. No traditional Aston Martin largesse here then.

The name is merely conceptual, denoting the 77 car exclusive production run. Pricing is even more exclusive at £1.200 000 - hardly performance per pound value. When the first cars are delivered to owners late in 2009 though, rest assured, envy factor will be immeasurable.


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