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Panamera (finally) adds Turbo S

2011-03-30 15:05

JUST ADD S: The first turbocharged S model in the Panamera range. Good enough to see off the new M5?

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Panamera Turbo S
Engine 4.8l twin-turbo V8
Power 404kW
Torque 800Nm
Transmission Seven-speed PDK
Zero To Hundred 3.7 sec
Top Speed 305km/h
Porsche has always had an interesting relationship with the S-affix.

Despite RS(R) generally signalling the most focussed Porsche road cars, the ‘S’ badge also fulfils an important role: denoting that something extra from the fabled Stuttgart performance car maker.

Thus far only one range of Porsches does not feature a model with S scripted onto its turbo nomenclature – the Panamera.

Tweaked Panamera turbo - finally

Porsche though, does not suffer fools gladly when it comes to exploiting every possible market niche imaginable.

The company has now revealed the new Panamera Turbo S, a month before its New York auto show debut.

Although there is precious little to distinguish this latest Panamera derivative from its slower siblings (beside the S-specific badging, new 20-inch alloy wheels and a slightly wider track), there is a substantial increase in power (if not quite performance) on offer.

Porsche’s engineers have replaced the standard 4.8-litre V8 Turbo model’s twin-turbines with units comprising titanium and aluminium. These lighter internals allow for much reduced inertia and improved throttle response.

Harmonised by significantly revised engine control electronics, these new turbos enable the Panamera Turbo S to boost a peak power output number of 404kW, 36 units greater than the standard Turbo. Overboost torque increases to a substantial 800Nm too, compared to the Turbo’s 770Nm.

With sophisticated all-wheel drive traction (buoyed by Porsche torque-vectoring system as standard) helping this new forced-induction S-car to convert its impressive engine outputs to towering propulsion, the Turbo S is good for a benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in only 3.7 seconds, before topping out at 305km/h.

Admittedly the performance increases are minimal, but with BMW finessing the last details of its new M5, Porsche knows that to reign supreme in the four-door supercar market it must apply as much continual development as possible to the Panamera Turbo.

Hence this new Turbo S addition.

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