Top new models for SA

From Renault's new Alaskan bakkie to the latest models at the Frankfurt motor show bound for SA.

Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

Honda sportscar for Greenies

2008-11-24 12:24
Honda used its LA Auto Show stand to display its zero-emission supercar - the FC Sport concept.

A lightweight sports car, the FC Sport uses a powerful electric motor to deliver its kicks for performance car enthusiasts faced with "a world beyond petrol and diesel engines."

The car's modular custom fuel cell stack is located between the rear seats and the battery pack housed low in the middle of the car, while the electric motor sits ahead of - and the two fuel storage tanks are placed above - the rear axle.

This clever component arrangement, apart from ensuring most of the concept's weight is balanced between the axles, also allows the FC Sport a large cabin area (by sports car standards, at least).  Seating for three is provided with a central driver's seat flanked by two passenger seats.

But rather than just being green where its emissions are concerned, the FC Sport's environmental theme is perpetuated by the used of organic plant-derived plastics in its body construction.

Honda is adamant that this is merely a design study and says there are no plans to produce the concept. The Japanese manufacturer already has a fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, in series production for the US market.


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