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2008-11-27 08:17
This is Audi’s GT3 racing spec R8. It’s rear-wheel

This is Audi’s GT3 racing spec R8. It’s rear-wheel drive and produces 370kW. We’d love to know what engine is amidships…

Audi is set to showcase the R8 GT3 at the Essen motor show this Saturday. It will be the car's first public appearance, unless you're one of the Nurburgring faithful who spend most of their waking hours hiding in the forest, hoping to spot a test prototype.

Taking its cue from the technologically sophisticated and utterly gorgeous R8 road car, the GT3 specification racer is rear-wheel drive (quattro acolytes say its sacrilege) and features a six-speed sequential gearbox.

Audi has been understandably cagey concerning technical specifications, only alluding that the engine will produce in excess of 370kW. This number leaves us wondering just how trick the internals, induction and exhaust plumbing is going to be, it’s a lot of power to extract from the already highly-tuned road car 4.2l V8…

A huge rear wing is the most distinguishing styling modification. Audi says it will produce customer cars for delivery this spring.

These cars are manufactured together by Audi Sport and the Quattro GmbH, which is also responsible for production of the Audi R8 street version, and Audi Hungaria in Györ.

We are not sure about the outrageous rear-wing, but you just know road-going R8 owners are going to be itching for that rear-wheel drive technology, and some of the go-faster bits enabling the approximate 370kW power figure.

Hopefully Saturday’s Essen unveiling, which should be accompanied by more comprehensive technical details, will bring some closure…


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