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New CLS unveiled ahead of Paris

2010-08-23 07:26

Although the sloping C-pillar is less pronounced, Mercedes-Benz considers its second-generation CLS an authentic four-door coupe offering.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model CLS
Engine 3.5L V6, 4.7l twin-turbo V8
Power 225-, 320-, 400-, 420kW
Torque 370-, 700, 800-, 920Nm
Transmission Seven-speed auto
Mercedes-Benz has released images and info on its second-generation CLS four-door coupe, a month before its Paris motor show debut.

The new car is characterised by a "dropping line" crease along the flanks and an amazing 71 LEDs as part of a new dynamic lighting package. Part of the LED package runs as two distinct lines within the CLS headlights.

Styled by Mercedes-Benz’s new design chief, Gorden Wagener, the second-generation CLS features an oversized grille reminiscent of the current SLS.

In terms of size the second-generation CLS is more substantial – being both wider and longer than the outgoing model.

The new car rides on Mercedes-Benz’s W212 chassis, boasting a wider track which enabled Wagener’s team to flesh-out the styling proportions.

Its larger size renders a more spacious cabin environment too, yet the CLS remains strictly a four-seater – with individual rear passenger accommodation.

The cabin architecture is an evolution of the current E-Class embellished with strips of chrome around the main dials and metal-finish buttons.

A three-spoke steering wheel (featuring a split vertical spoke) is new too.

Five interior colours and trim designs (including a composite finish) will be available, contrasted by three grades of leather.

Turbocharged V8s

Mercedes is understandably coy about the second-generation CLS drivetrain specifications yet the new direct-injection 3.5l V6 should be the initial base model engine offering.

Stuttgart’s new V6 offering features a 60-degree cylinder bank angle producing 225kW and 370Nm.  It bests the current 3.5l 90-degree V6 by 5kW and 20Nm, whilst being 24% more efficient too.

Merc’s new 4.7l twin-turbo V8 engine should power the CLS500.

Producing 320kW and 700Nm of peak rotational force, this new 4.7l V8 compares favourably to the first-generation CLS 5.5l V8, being 35kW more powerful and boasting a significant 150Nm more pulling power.

Potential CLS customers desiring rampant performance will once again have option on the CLS63 AMG nameplate – although this new CLS63 will in fact be powered by an AMG-fettled version of the M157 5.5l twin-turbo V8.

AMG’s CLS offering will be available in two states of tune, producing 400kW and 800Nm or 420kW ( supported by 900Nm) when ordered with the performance pack option.

The CLS, by default, initiated a design fascination with the idea of four-door coupe styling after its debut back in 2004. Now, after massive growth in the market courtesy of Aston Martin’s Rapide, Audi’s A5 Sportback and Porsche’s Panamera, Mercedes-Benz needs to consolidate its position – especially in the face of BMW’s forthcoming four-door coupe.


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