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MTM's Silver Bullet R8 BiTurbo

2011-02-28 07:42

ALUMINIUM ARTWORK: Without polarised sunglasses on a blue sky day, this MTM BiTurbo R8 could prove a blinding experience.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Audi
Model MTM R8 BiTurbo
Engine 5.2-litre, bi-turbo V10
Power 571kW
Torque 888Nm
Zero To Hundred 3 seconds
Top Speed 350km/h
Technicians at Roland Mayer’s workshop in Wettstetten busy themselves with hours of laborious engine tuning to produce some of the quickest, and slickest, modified Audi products available.

For these last few weeks the good employees of Mayer’s tuning company MTM have not been tracing the power graph worms on dynamometer charts or reprogramming engine control unit master matrixes. Instead, they've been polishing and prepping a single bi-turbo modified Audi R8 destined for hall five at the 2011 Geneva auto show.


Although one would expect the sheer performance of MTM’s R8 BiTurbo package to garner enough attention (it's geared to run to 350km/h) Mayer wanted a display car that would have as striking a presence as possible, especially immobile and on display.

The result is one rather gleaming naked-aluminium R8, courtesy of 700 hours of polishing and a rather secretive paint-removing process.

Despite MTM being mum about how it stripped the R8 of its surface lacquer, the company is (understandably) boastful about this BiTurbo R8’s performance. 

The engine upgrades include a completely new exhaust system, impeccably recalibrated engine control electronics and (obviously) two turbochargers.

These modifications boost power to 571kW, heralding a 350km/h top speed.

Perhaps more impressive than its outright speed potential are the car’s acceleration statistics. MTM claims to have recorded a 0-300km/h sprint time of only 19.42 seconds for the BiTurbo R8.

If ever you wished to have an apt personalised number plate, well, let us suggest registering your polished MTM BiTurbo R8 as "Silver Bullet."

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