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Lambo to get F1-style suspension

2011-01-25 07:15

RIGHT WAY UP?: Lamborghini’s new suspension set-up features a pushrod connection and horizontally mounted damper, similar to what you see in F1.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lamborghini
Model Aventador
Engine V12
Power 515kW
Lamborghini has unveiled yet more tantalising details about its forthcoming Murciélago replacement that's to be shown at the Geneva auto show.

The new Lamborghini, known internally as the 834 and generally expected to be called the Aventador, will have the most advanced suspension system yet on a road car from Sant'Agata.

Lamborghini’s engineers have produced an impeccably packaged pushrod suspension set-up for the Aventador, tracked by horizontal shock-absorbers dampers. This, to all intents and purposes, represents a calibre of technical sophistication usually the preserve of open-wheeled (or unlimited budget tin-top) race cars.


A fundamental advantage of Lamborghini’s new double-wishbone pushrod suspension is its ability to keep each wheel in perfect alignment throughout a range of oscillation. The premium Ohlins shocks are mounted on the chassis structure itself, via points under the windscreen and near the engine, instead of the wheel mounts.

With a set of relay rocker arms and pushrods transferring forces between the wheels and dampers, thereby keeping wheel control and damping separate, spring rates can be slightly reduced to increase ride comfort without sacrificing turn-in sharpness.

This Aventador’s new suspension system also features 40mm of hydraulic lift, available for clearing challenging driveway entries and underground parking exits. Clever.

Beyond its near-competition specification suspension Lamborghini has confirmed the new V12 mid-engined supercar will have 515kW of peak power, reined-in by 400mm composite-ceramic brake discs.

Although Lamborghini’s new Aventador suspension set-up is a terrific technical achievement for the German-owned Italian brand, it is not a world first for production road cars. Aston Martin’s limited edition One-77 showcased a similar in-board pushrod system when it was unveiled at the Geneva auto show in 2009.

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