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2010-03-03 10:29
Perhaps the most apt new car unveiling at the Geneva motor show this week is, well, a Geneva.

In what could be construed as the most brazen public relation stunt in years, little known Australian (well, actually Malaysian these days) custom car builder Bufori unveiled its limited edition Geneva limousine, at the Geneva Motor Show. Talk about pandering to the host city’s inhabitants’ sense of narcissism…

So what’s the deal with Bufori? Well, they’ve been around since 1986, starting off building very low volume custom cars in Sydney. The company’s founder, Anthony Khouri, moved operations to Kuala Lumpur in the 1990s and now all those years of building low volume customs have germinated the Geneva.

It might take its name from the most politically correct, neutral, city on earth, but there’s nothing subtle about the Geneva’s styling. Bufori have this thing for trying to reinvent the 1930s coupe look with modern underpinnings. We think it looks like a fat Morgan Aero.

Although not a great aesthetic success in terms of line-work or proportions, the Geneva is no backyard special. The bodywork is a Kevlar/carbon-fibre blend, and the Geneva boasts pneumatic dampers and all-wheel multi-link independent suspension.

American V8 power

The full suite of dynamic driver aids are onboard too (ABS, EBD, TC, ESP) and powered by Chrysler’s oversquare 6.1l HEMI V8 (the one popularised in SRTs), it’s hardly a slow car either.

Bufori will offer the V8 in two states of tune: either 316kW/569Nm naturally aspirated or a blown option, sporting close to 450kW.

Despite a frankly ridiculous level of interior opulence with regards to tailoring and features, the exotic Kevlar/carbon-fibre shell helps keep the Geneva’s weight in check.

With the car only tallying 2t, the un-blown version is good for 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds and a top-speed of 254km/h.

New money interior

Beyond the rather strange looks and neat mechanical engineering present, the Geneva’s party piece is its generously equipped cabin, with acres of Maple and Redwood finishing. Thanks to rear-hinged doors embarking and debussing is effortless.

The obligatory mini-bar, champagne fridge, integrated tea set (with boiling water source) and even a lockable safety deposit box (for who knows what?) ensure society's fringe characters will love being chauffeured in the back of a Geneva.

Geneva sports a surfeit of infotainment technology too. Rear passengers are serviced by dual seven-inch display screens, with a fully integrated e-mail/office facility and 160G harddrive. The best part is undoubtedly the optional in-car Karaoke set…

If you’re at the helm yourself you’ll enjoy night-vision, heads-up display and adaptive cruise control.

Bufori says it has the capacity to manufacture around 300 Genevas per year, but will stagger production to only 60 units to ensure exclusivity for its customers. The car will only retail in the Middle Eastern, Asian and Sub-Continental markets. Expect to see plenty on the roads of New Delhi and Beijing…


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