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2009-09-15 08:53
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Audi
Model Spyder
Engine 5.2l V10
Power 386kW @ 8 000r/min
Torque 530Nm @ 6 500r/min
Transmission Six-speed R-tronic
Zero To Hundred 4.1 sec
Top Speed 313km/h
Weight 1 720kg
Audi stupendous R8 supercar now been unveiled in long-awaited Spyder configuration at the Frankfurt auto show.

Although we're sure the company's Lamborghini subsidiary is not always thrilled with R8's supercar halo-effect, the new open-top version is simply epic.

Besides the 30kg folding fabric hood (which stows away under a carbon-fibre panel in only 19 seconds when actuated for retraction) R Spyder is mechanically mostly identical to its coupe sibling.

The fabric roof features a heated rear glass window which slides separately down into the aft bulkhead when the roof is retracted, although it can be independently raised as a wind-deflector when necessary.

Lovely colour isn't it? Despite the media images featuring an odd, brown hued car, the R8 loses nothing in aesthetic appeal with the new Spyder profile.

Dual arched cowls, which extend from behind the cabin to the aft spoiler lip and include large, integrated air vents, imbue the Spyder’s three-quarter rear view with a powerful profile.

Unlike the coupe, Spyder doesn’t sport sideblades aft of the door shutlines, the having been replaced with carbon-fibre sidepanels.

Shoring up safety are two spring-loaded plates, which deploy in case of pending roll-over situation.

Tallied up, the weight penalty of all the Spyder’s trinkets is 100kg, which means the 386kW V10 powers this fabric top R8 from 0-100km/h two-tenth of a second slower (4.1 sec) than its fixed roof sibling. Big deal.

A neat cabin appointment for R8 Spyder range is a seatbelt microphone, which purifies acoustics notably when engaged in a phone conversation at speed with the roof down.

R8 Spyder is expected to go on sale in Europe early next year.


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