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2009-09-08 07:43
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Rolls Royce
Engine 6.6l V12 Turbo
Power 420kW
Torque 780Nm
Transmission Eight speed auto
Zero To Hundred 4.7 sec
Top Speed 250km/h
Is Rolls-Royce’s Ghost a socially acceptable Phantom or British flavour 7 Series?

Due for public debut at the Frankfurt auto show next week, BMW’s luxury division has disseminated a full suite of details and images of the new baby Rolls.

Perusing the details it's clear this is a Rolls to drive, not be driven in - though the latter state of affairs is not at all a disagreeable position to find oneself in...

Blown V12 power

Although it remains a substantial car at 5.4m, it’s nearly half a metre shorter than the Phantom, this baby Rolls majors on agility.

Powered by a BMW based (not sourced) V12 displacing 6.6l, the Ghost posts some pretty impressive performance numbers for a car weighing 2.5t.

With a eight-speed ZF automatic transmission distributing 780Nm of peak rotational force between the rear wheels, the Ghost will see off most hot hatches in a 0-100km/h sprint.

The baby Roller needs a scant 4.7 seconds for this traditional performance benchmark.

Top speed is predictably governed to 250km/h, though we suspect the V12’s 420kW power peak could easily see off a number closer to 300km/h.

Styling is simple yet striking. With 420kW on tap, most other road users will only ever see the Ghost's rather attractive rear view - briefly.

The Ghost's chassis dynamics are engineered to provide the blend of ride comfort and handling finesse Rolls-Royce customers have come to expect.

Independently suspended at all four wheel corners (double-wishbone up front, multi-links at the rear), the Ghost also features intelligent, four-cornered, air-suspension system and electronic variable damping to ensure peerless ride quality.

The adaptive damping can also enact a 25mm ride height drop for easier passenger access.

Another electronic driving aid is the night-vision system, which can gauge the presence of pedestrians (or animals) to a distance of up to 300m in the dark. 

Classic styling inside and out

Beyond the engineering details, the Ghost cues traditional Rolls-Royce styling cues – simple surfaces and clean lines.

Designer Ian Cameron calls it ‘Yacht Line’ styling. We think it’s got undeniable presence and an unrivalled reserve of styling grace – especially those rear hinged coach-doors.

Cabin customisation will leave customers pondering a nearly inexhaustible options list, whilst craftsmanship is guaranteed to be incomparable.

Interior wood trim is hewn from a single tree per car to ensure perfect uniformity.

Better yet is the quality of leather. The hide is slaughtered exclusively from cows who roam free without hindrance from fences - which can leave hide with unsightly markings, palpably unacceptable to any Rolls-Royce traditionalist...

The baby Rolls is expected to retail in the region of €200 000.


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