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Merc reveals future Gullwing

2011-09-12 20:39

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Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model F 125!
Engine electric
Power 170kW
Zero To Hundred 4.9 sec
After the real world testing success of its hydrogen fuel-cell programme (courtesy the B-Class), Mercedes-Benz is signalling its strategy for future mobility.

It’s called the F125! - and yes, the exclamation mark is not intentional, it’s part of the name.


Featuring futuristic styling (with some signature Mercedes-Benz details, such as gullwing doors), F125! Supposedly indicates where Mercedes-Benz’s styling department is heading in terms of the 2025 CL-Class. It also doubles as showcase for the German brand’s latest advances in alternative fuel technology.

Beyond the radical styling (which is a two-door evolution of the F800 concept, shown at the 2010 Geneva auto show), F125! sports a sophisticated hydrogen fuelled powertrain – converting hydrogen to electricity, charging a 10-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Capable of storing hydrogen to a pressure of 700bar in its uniquely crafted carbon-fibre fuel tank, F125! is powered by four electric motors, good for a combined peak power output of 170kW. That might not sound like much, but F125! has a lightweight chassis constructed from carbon-fibre, aluminium and advanced plastics.

A good power-to-weight ratio ensures strong performance (Mercedes claims a benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in 4.9 sec), whilst the efficiency component of the hydrogen alternative fuel source factors to a range of 1 000km – consuming 0.79kg of hydrogen per 100km.

Is this the SLS AMG of the future? Possibly. It is an indication that Mercedes-Benz's gullwing doors will survive into an alternative fuel future? We sure hope so...

The latest from the Frankfurt show.


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