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Volvo unveils more S60 images

2008-12-17 07:20
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Volvo
Model S60
Engine 1.6, turbo
Power 132kW
Another day, another four-door coupe design leak. This time practically parentless Volvo is showcasing a glimpse of the 2010 S60.

Employing strong DNA (Volvo’s acronym for ‘do not abandon’ design heritage - really) styling cues, the S60 features an oversized trapezoidal grille embellished with horizontal vanes and framed by ovoid shaped headlights.

A side profile view showcases the classic, flowing shape, with an absent B-pillar and forward-hinged front doors playing off the sliding rear-doors to ensure optimal ergonomic passenger access. 

"Dynamic and with considerable character, but without appearing aggressive. This car is packed with inspiration from Scandinavian design and from the Swedish coastline's cliffs and seas. A thrilling blend of drama and sensuality," says designer Steve Mattin.

Most peculiar in the design details are the concept car's headlamps, which feature arranged lights to form a sculpture creating the image of two miniature Viking longboats sailing side by side, one for main beam and one for dipped beam.

Driving at night dark, light is reflected from the concealed, upward-facing LED bulbs, projected ahead by the ships' filled sails – all very ghostly and Viking. We’re sure any company bidding for Volvo’s future will be thrilled by such originality…

Being a Volvo one expects some ridiculously ingenious new safety features, and there is a pedestrian spotting system which applies full braking power if the driver does not spot or react in time.

One thing the concept S60 – due to be unveiled at the Detroit motor show in January – does not major on, is cubic capacity under bonnet. Powering the S60 is a direct-injection, turbocharged 1.6l four, producing 132kW, whilst averaging only 5l/100km.


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