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2008-01-15 08:41
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Dodge
Model ZEO
Engine Single electric, 64 kWh Li-ion battery pack
Power 200kW
Zero To Hundred 6 seconds
Top Speed 208km/h
Fuel Consumption 1.9-litres/100km (equivalent), range: 400km
Weight 1202kg
Tyres Front: 23-inch P225/40R, rear: P255/40R Goodyear
Front Suspension Double-wishbone
Rear Suspension Double-wishbone
Chrysler has unveiled its vision of an electric sportscar with impeccable Hemi performance credentials, the 200kW Dodge ZEO.

The ZEO - Zero Emissions Operation - is a concept '2+2' sportswagon featuring the latest in all-electric power technology.

Its debut at the Detroit auto show is meant to illustrate the sustainability of zero emission motoring in a market that demands no compromises in terms of performance.

Dodge ZEO Concept Technology

The advanced propulsion system powering the Dodge ZEO concept is electric-only with a lithium-ion battery pack with a range of at least 400 km.

Configured in a traditionally sporty rear-wheel drive layout, Dodge ZEO features a 200 kW single-electric motor power by a 64 kW/h Li-ion battery pack, which combined with a low kerb weight of only 1202kg, produces some starling performance figures.

The ZEO's 0-100 km/h acceleration time of six seconds should hearten traditional Hemi fans slowly embracing the environmental realities of electric automotive power.

The quarter-mile sprint is dropped in 11 seconds dead, which is quicker than the current BMW M3, while top speed is 208km/h.

Breaking electric car styling stereotypes

Featuring large glass expanses and scissor doors while being finished in a lurid orange colour scheme, the ZEO has strong Dodge muscle-car DNA.

It has massive, off-set wheel arches, necessary to cope with the elaborate 23-inch wheels, and a typically swept-up Dodge rear.

The interior styling proves no less radical, whilst still managing some remnant of utility, as one would expect from a concept sportwagon.

A slim centre console slopes down from the windshield of the Dodge ZEO, creating a dual-cockpit effect. It then levels off to divide the cabin by continuing clear to the back panel.

Instead of a conventional instrument panel, the steering wheel, column and instruments are treated as a single freestanding design element.

The Dodge ZEO concept's steering wheel has two vertical spokes, set closely together, leaving 80% of the rim 'open' for maximum visibility.

A sloping plane of the centre hub, which cantilevers forward above the steering column, houses the instruments which are displayed on a thin blue acrylic viewing screen set directly in front of the driver.

The four bucket seats sport highly-contoured bolsters on both seat cushions and backs with seat shells constructed from milled aluminium featuring video screens integrated into the front seatbacks.


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