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2012-04-25 08:17

TAKE YOUR BLING TO THE STREETS: Merc's Viano Vision Diamond is adorned with real diamonds and enough luxury appointments to shame a "regular limousine".

If you think the regular Mercedes Viano used to shuttle your charges is not quite luxurious enough then take a look at the ultimate luxury of the Viano Vision Diamond. It's a gem...

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In what could just be the dream of every conspicuous celebrity (and their chauffeur), the Vision Diamond makes a style statement with its two-tone black and diamond white exterior with a hand-painted gold line separating the two. Diamonds (yes, actual diamonds) adorn the usually merely functional B-pillar.

The five-spoked wheels continue two-tone effect and the Mercedes-Benz brand name is shown in gold on the brake callipers.


Merc's latest Vision is on display the the 2012 Beijing auto show from April 25 to May 2, 2012. Its sister concept, the Viano Vision Pearl, was shown at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

The Vision Diamond’s cabin is equally plush. All the windows in the cabin, as well as the glass screen separating the chauffeur from the VIP's, are equipped with Magic Sky Control that allows passengers to alter the light setting.

And while the driver's box is entirely black with nappa leather on the seats and door panels, and leather covers the instrument panel, steering wheel and A and B pillars, the passenger compartment – from carpeting and seats to the safety belts – are white. Here, eight diamonds embedded in the interior trim refer to the lucky Chinese number.


The cabin seats heat, cool or massage occupants while they put a leg up and take a sip from the van’s bespoke silver Champagne flutes. A Champagne bottle holder is included and, since you probably won’t be driving anyway, five bottle holders can be stored in the panelling.

Other features include a high-end Bang & Olufsen audio system controlled via an iPad2 or iPhone4 and the Vision Diamond’s 40” screen can be used to view TV, surf the internet or hold video conferences, since the bus is equipped with a W-LAN system.

Before you run out to your neighbourhood Mercedes-Benz dealer clutching your cheque book, this Vision is not available in right-hand drive so won’t make it to South Africa.

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