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G-Power delivers 610kW M5 blast

2012-05-18 12:36

610kW OF BLUE (PROPELLER) POWER: G-Power's M5 Hurricane RR has just been unleashed in Germany.

Tuner G-Power serves up its 100th M5 Hurricane RR – and celebrates the occasion by wringing an additional 22kW from its twin supercharged V10.

The tuning house, based in Autenzell in Germany’s Bavaria region, is focused solely on BMWs and calls its M5 Hurricane RR, with 610kW on tap, the most powerful version of this super sedan in the world.

Incidentally, a “lesser” G-Power M5 Hurricane RR with 588kW at its disposal set a speed record of 372km/h in 2010, shattering a previous G-Power record set in 2008.


The bright blue Hurricane RR is powered by a revised version of its high-revving V10 engine fitted with two new superchargers. An aluminium casting, painted in orange, replaces the standard air box on the engine, while its direct inlet is said to aid the motor’s frightening responsiveness and beef up its torque availability.

The ten-cylinder is further tweaked with Mahle high-performance forged pistons and specially-designed conrods and piston pins to handle the additional loads.

These adjustments, along with a new engine management system, contribute to an increased power output of 610kW between 7500 to 8000rpm and a peak torque figure of 780Nm at 6500rpm.

To match the increased engine outputs, this G-Power’s exhaust and fuel supply systems have also been altered. A G-Power Speedflow exhaust system with two racing catalysts, a stainless steel muffler and four 83mm tailpipes complete the M5 Hurricane RR’s exhaust system.


The fuel supply system is upgraded with fuel injectors with a larger mass flow and an extra high-performance fuel pump. The third fuel pump, G-Power says, guarantees reliable fuel supply in all conditions.

Of course, the only G-Power details worth reviewing are those all-important performance figures. The M5 Hurricane RR accelerates from standstill to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds, takes 9.1 seconds to get to 200km/h and hits 300km/h in 25.2 seconds.

It also has a top speed beyond the 370km/h mark, the tuner says.

Michelin’s special order high-performance Pilot Sport tyres – in either 19 or 20” – are offered. A high-performance G-Power brake system with six-piston brake calipers and 396mm brake discs for the front axle and 380mm for the rear take care of the stopping power. G-Power customers can choose between steel brake discs and ceramic alternatives.

Of course, G-Power customers are provided with the choice of rotor material: both steel brake discs and ceramic alternatives (which are about 50% lighter for significantly improved cornering and road handling) are available.

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