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2012-06-27 11:16

GETTING COMFY: America's better-heeled cowboys and snuggling down on the trail - is the F-150 going soft?

That Old Faithful of big American trucks, the Ford F-150, is really getting soft in its old age! A moon roof! A reversing camera?

Less than 11 litres/100km - what, the old geezer, is going green? And more than 30% of F-150 sales - which have topped all truck sales in the US for 35 consecutive years - have high-end trim.

Prices range from $35 000 to $50 000 (the latter abour R450 000).


The Detroit News - and it should know - reports that, doggone it! - Ford US has just unveiled a luxury version of its best-selling pick-up and called it "the most refined model yet". Refined - ohhhhhhhhhh dear! The trucks are expected to be in showrooms in the US later in the year and will be even fancier (and more expensive) than the Platinum F-150 which costs $44 635.

The 270+kW F-150 Limited will come with a 3.5 Ti-VCT EcoBoost engine and will, Ford says, be capable of better than 11 litres/100km from the two-wheel drive model.

Raj Nair, Ford Group vice-president for product development, was quoted by the Det News as saying: "The F-150 Limited signifies the highest levels of design refinement, luxury and technology that we've ever offered in a 'Built Ford Tough' pick-up and will reflect a growing trend... more and more customers today have high expectations for luxury and convenience, yet their needs call for a truly capable truck."

The leather seats will be red and black and the rear-view camera will do much to save damage, home on the range and the Ford roams the prarie on 22" polished aluminium-rimmed wheels. Good range of colours, too - red, white and black.


150 Limited will have MyFord Touch for co-ordinated operation not only of back-on-the-road-again music but also cellphone, satnav and interior environmental control.

They mean aircon...

Ford's previous luxury truck models include the King Ranch F-150, launched in 2001 and the F-150 Platinum, which was launched in 2009.

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