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2008-02-04 06:55
Audi has launched the 4.2-litre TDI derivative of the Q7 in South Africa. This is an SUV that goes from zero to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and has a top speed of 236 km/h.

These figures illustrate the power of the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI, which is akin to that of a sports car.

Under the bonnet of the new Audi Q7 4.2 TDI is the most powerful diesel engine the brand has to offer. Audi claims that on average, one full tank holding 100 litres is sufficient to cover 900km.

The V8 turbodiesel, fitted as standard with a diesel particulate filter in compliance with the Euro 4 emissions standard, gets by on a claimed 11.1 litres per 100 km overall.

With an engine displacement of 4 134cc it unleashes 240 kW and a formidable 760 Nm of torque, which is available constantly between 1 800 and 2 500 r/min.

Both turbochargers - one for each cylinder bank - operate using electrically adjustable turbine geometry. Audi says that at low engine speeds they provide solid torque and generate a relative boost pressure of up to 1.5 bars.

Two large intercoolers lower the temperature of the compressed air, ensuring that the cylinders are filled more efficiently.

The engine is mated to a 6-speed tiptronic automatic transmission.

Otherwise the V12 model shares it DNA with the rest of the Q7 line-up and comes with quattro permanent four-wheel drive and a dynamic suspension setup.


It also shares the luxury and safety features of the other derivatives. However, new in the Q7 4.2 TDI is Audi lane assist.

This lane-monitoring assistant, which can be ordered together with the four-spoke multifunction steering wheel, alerts the driver from a speed of around 65 km/h if he/she is about to inadvertently move out of the lane.

A camera observes the road in front of the car and the system identifies the lane markings. If the system is activated and the driver has not indicated, a warning is issued shortly before or while the driver is crossing the identified line on the highway by means of slight vibrations in the steering wheel.

The warning point can be set via the Audi MMI to any of three stages, namely early, adaptive and late. The system issues the warning with the respective level of sensitivity, according to the chosen setting and angle of approach to the identified lane marking.

A radar-based cruise control system with active distance control operates under the name adaptive cruise control. It functions between 0 and 200 km/h and is combined with the braking guard brake assist system, which alerts the driver in two stages if there is a risk of a bumper-to-bumper collision.

Audi side assist utilises radar technology to monitor the blind spot as well as fast-approaching vehicles and, by means of LEDs in the base of the exterior mirrors, indicates any vehicle it has detected that could make a change of lane hazardous.


  • The new Q7 4.2 TDI is priced at R710 000. The price includes a 5-year or 100 000 km-Audi Freeway maintenance plan.

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