Sand driving: Expert tips on doing dunes

Unpredictable terrain, bogging down... driving in sand's a daunting prospect. African Off-Road Academy's Andre Botha shares some gritty advice!!

River crossings - depth is knowledge

'A 4x4 is not an amphibious vehicle, in fact few are even waterproof',' writes the African Off-Road Academy's Andre Botha, who shares valuable tips on water crossings.

Opel Adam in SA: Prices revealed

Opel South Africa has unveiled prices for its new Adam hatchback range. We have details and images on the new supermini.


Discovery Sport: New 'budget' Landy for SA

2015-01-27 09:16

Land Rover SA is gearing to launch its new Discovery Sport in March. The new SUV has, the automaker says, 'all the qualities of the tried-and-tested original at a more affordable price'.

308 GT: Low-down on a Pug hot hatch

2015-01-27 08:26

Peugeot stylish new 308 GT will arrive in South Africa later in 2015. We have details on the automaker's latest SA-bound hot hatch!

Owning a car: Not all it's made out to be?

2015-01-27 06:51

Leasing or buying - which is better? KEITH WATSON, MD of Ariva, weighs up the options for Wheels24. Which would suit you...?

Remember the Opel Viva? Well, it's back...

2015-01-26 09:55

Vauxhall is reviving the Viva, a popular car in SA during the1960s hit, paying homage to the classic with its original philosophy of durable and practical. Opel calls it the Karl... Does it have a future here?

Coming CR-V: More Honda tech on way

2015-01-26 09:28

Honda's CR-V received a midlife makeover including new engines, upgraded tech and style tweaks. It will arrive in South Africa later in 2015.

2015 Jazz blows in to a whole new tune

2015-01-25 19:45

Honda's Jazz was introduced to SA back in 2003 along with a busy CV transmission. Here's the third generation - high-tech flair on wheels.

Merc S-Class Coupe: First drive in SA

2015-01-25 14:17

Meet one of the most expensive car ranges in South Africa: the 2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe - it's high-performance, at a price!

Lambo's next racer: The Huracan GT3

2015-01-26 08:03

Lamborghini presented the racing version of its new Huracan, the GT3. We have gallery and details on this new racer set to compete in the Blancpain Endurance Series.

Poor drive, but Ogier holds Monte lead

25-01-2015 05:42 A VW filled each of the three top spots in the 2015 Monte Carlo rally on Saturday evening with World Rally champion Sebastien Ogier on top.

2015 SA Ford Fusion launch - full story

22-01-2015 05:00 Ford SA has launched possibly its best-looking car yet, the Fusion, in South Africa. Wheels24's DAVE FALL was in Cape Town for the event.

Inside Wheels24

SA update: Scooby's next Outback

Subaru is launching its fifth-generation Outback with new looks, more space and upgraded equipment and technology.

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