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Toyota 86: Mo' money, mo' power

2013-06-21 11:00

MORE POWER: There are plenty of Toyota 86 units on the road so RGM is convinced that many owners will be happy to part with R85 000 to go supercharged. Image: Motorpress

Local Toyota customers waited long for the 86 even though power figures were not exciting; now they can beef up their sports car with a supercharger and get 50% more power.

RGMotorsport let its first experiment loose on the track.

first told you of RGM’s supercharged plans back in March 2013 - but then the price was R75 000. Ten grand has crept on since then...

Today, three months later, the package is available to customers at R85 000 but the company is claiming a 50% power increase from 147kW to 220kW/315Nm. Since Toyota SA said the TRD version would not be coming here, this is the next option.


The conversion includes a Vortech bolt-on blower – imported from the USA in kit form - an intercooler, a Techniflow exhaust and a six-month or 20 000km warranty on all components.

Forcing the air into the intercooler is a V-3 H67BC centrifugal supercharger, designed specifically for the horizontally opposed FA20 boxer engine.

Once the conversion is done, a Unichip auxiliary engine management computer is used to remap ignition, air and fuel requirements.

RGM let the first supercharged Toyota 86 loose on Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria with SA racer Jacques ‘The Stiglet’ Joubert behind the wheel of an auto model. Stats for the day were recorded with a top speed of 258.8km/h, zero-120km/h sprint in 8.9sec and a kilometre run in 26.4sec at a speed of 205km/h.

Best lap time was 1min14.5.

RGM’s Rob Green said: “I believe we really hit the sweet spot with this conversion and it works exceptionally well. There are no sacrifices when it comes to smoothness and drivability and the power delivery is fierce without being scary.


“Drive it normally and you wouldn’t actually know it is supercharged, put your foot down and flip the paddles down a ratio or two and it really goes.

“Now we’ve finished the first auto our focus has shifted to the three-pedal version and we’ve got our eyes set on getting a sub-six 0-100km/h sprint - that’ll certainly put it in the major league as far as sports cars go.”

Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria, 2.5km

Best lap
Toyota 86 manual -1min21.73
Toyota 86 a/t RGM Supercharged - 1min14.5

Top speed at end of main straight
Toyota 86 manual - 153.6km/h
Toyota 86 a/t RGM Supercharged - 166.2km/h

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