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Red Bull X-Fighters back in Pretoria in 2015

2015-08-17 10:34
It's been more than 50 events…
We passed the milestone during 2014. The first 50 events featured 21 locations on six continents, 84 riders and 18 different event winners. So why not relive some of the best moments from the last 14 epic seasons with the clip below?

Two new stops
The 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour will feature two new locations in the United Arab Emirates, who will host the season finale on October 30, and Greece. The famous Dionysos Quarry in Athens has been providing marble since the Golden Age of Pericles for monuments such as the Acropolis, as well as Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, and now someone will get a chance to carve out a famous victory in the Greek capital for the first time on June 12.

Three old favourites
The previously-enjoyed stops of Mexico City (March 6), Madrid, Spain (July 10) and Pretoria, South Africa (September 12) complete the five-event line-up. Pretoria's addition to the calendar for the first time in 2014 also marked Africa's first finale.

One defending champion and four ex-champions in one series
There have been five different X-Fighters winners in the last five years, and four will participate in the 2015 battle. Current World Tour champion Josh Sheehan of Australia will compete against Tom Pagès of France (2013 World Tour Champion), Levi Sherwood of New Zealand (2012) and Spain's Dany Torres (2011). Sherwood has the most wins of anyone in X-Fighters history – eight – the first of those aged 17 in Mexico in 2009 also making him the youngest winner. But you have to go back to Nate Adams in 2010 for the first and only rider to defend their X-Fighters title.

How many new tricks?
One new trick in 2014 stunned the world, and it remains to be seen who could surpass it next season, and how. Champion Sheehan's own landmark Double Backflip in Madrid might have been enough on any other night to win comfortably, but Pagès wrote his own entry in the history books for 2014 with the first-ever successful competition Bike Flip in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Watch the trick again below!

Get your tickets now for Red Bull X-Fighters live at The Union Buildings in Pretoria on 12th September 2015! Tickets available on Computicket here.


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