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Pagès looking for a win in Pretoria!

2015-08-13 14:18

Tom Pagès, the surprise star of the 2012 season is looking to take the title this year.

Currently sitting second palace behind Moore, Tom has been on the competitive scene since 2007 and is determined to take FMX to the next level. Within just a couple of years in the FMX circus, the talented Frenchman had worked his way from his own backyard up to fight against the best FMX riders in the world before he then vanished from the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in 2009.

Pagès was the first rider ever to land a double grab flip to dirt and this is just one of many tricks he has in his box. The stylish rider has a rich arsenal of tricks, which made it very challenging for the other riders to beat him, but following the accidents of some of his close friends and injuries of his own, he decided to take a break from riding the big contests and instead focus more on freeriding and movie shooting.

Yet, the invitation to Red Bull X-Fighters in Glen Helen was quite an offer the Yamaha rider could not turn down. American fans saw a completely different Tom than the Frenchman they saw back in 2009 in Texas. Tom did not show any upside down tricks, but he brought the other tricks to a new level of stylishness. He rocked Glen Helen with the "Volt" and a few other tricks only a handful of the best riders can perform nowadays.

His second place in Glen Helen 2012, his fantastic performance in Madrid, his victory in Germany, and the closest finale ever in Sydney proved that it's possible to win without a backflip if you shine with other extraordinary tricks like "Special Flip", "Volt", and "Flair". Let´s see what the crowd-favourite developed over the off-season training with his brother Charles, who was finally back on the bike after a long rehab period. Experts say Tom will train upside-down tricks to be ready to pull them, in case he needs them in a tough battle

This year Pagès has extend his bag of tricks again in the off-season and is on the hunt for a 2nd title.

Source: Red Bull X fighters


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