WATCH: 2018 Dakar Rally - The game!

Dakar '18 will enable players to take on the world's most gruelling race in one of the biggest open worlds yet in a racing game.

Liebenberg victorious at endurance series

South Africa's Bradley Liebenberg impressed on his international endurance race debut at the Dubai Autodrome.

Busted - five FMX myths debunked

2015-08-17 09:58
nick de wit

Red Bull

Freestyle motocross – much like all other sports where athletes make something so difficult look so easy – is not all as it seems... We get Nick de Wit to tell the truth.

MYTH: All FMX guys are tattooed party animals
Nope. Loads of them don't have tattoos and are just clean cut guys that take the sport really seriously.

MYTH: You don't need to be fit for FMX
A FMX bike weighs 100kg and to do the tricks now days you have to be fit and strong.


HIT: You have to have MX skills to ride FMX
It’s the basis for all good off-road bike riding. Also, the FMX tracks are becoming a lot like MX tracks on steroids.

LIE: Two stroke is better than four stroke
Two strokes are lighter but four strokes are more stable on the ground and in the air but it comes down to rider preference.


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