Ken Block's epic Gymkhana 9 is out!

Ken Block's done it again! Drifting, sliding and ploughing through an industrial playground in his 450kW Ford Focus RS RX.

SA welcomes drift king 'Mad Mike'

Mad Mike is set to tear up the GrandWest Casino track with his legendary Quad Rotary RX - in Cape Town this weekend.

Results: WesBank Series, Phakisa

2012-08-06 09:36
Results from Round 6 of the WesBank Super Series at the Phakisa Freeway in Welkom on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

Bridgestone Production Cars

Race 1
Class A: 1 A Taylor (BMW F30); L Poulter (BMW 335i); 3 E van der Linde (BMW F30)
Class T: 1 G Cronje (MINI); 2 L Thompson (MINI); G Nathan (Golf VW6)
Race 2
Class A: 1 M Stephen (Audi S4); 2 T Sipuka (Audi S4); 3 E van der Linde (BMW F30)
Class T: 1 G Bonafede (VW Golf6); 2 L Thompson (MINI); 3 G Nathan (VW Golf6)


Race 3
Class A: 1 A Taylor (BMW F30); 2 E van der Linde (BMW F30); 3 M Stephen (Audi S4)
Class T: 1 G Nathan (VW Golf6); 2 G Bonafede (VW Golf6); 3 D Robertson (Renault Megane)

V8 Supercars

Race 1
GT1: 1 F di Matteo (Jaguar); 2 B Morgenrood (Ford Falcon); 3 D Correia (Chev Corvette)
GT2: 1 W Hepburn (Chev Corvette); 2 P Seddon (Chev Lumina); 3 D Gutzeit (Ford Falcon)
Race 2
GT1: 1 B Moregenrood (Ford Falcon); 2 F di Matteo (Jaguar); 3 R Sartori (Ford Mustang)
GT2: 1 R Wilford (Chev Corvette); 2 D Gutzeit Ford Falcon); 3 P Seddon (Chev Lumina)

Shelby Can-Am
Race 1
1 B Algar, 2 R Campos, 3 A Eve
Race 2
1 R Campos, 2 T Reib, 3 A Eve

Engen VW Cup
Race 1
1 S la Reservee (VW Polo); 2 D Robertson (VW Polo); 3 J Pepper (VW Polo)
Race 2
1 S la Reservee (VW Polo); 2 D Brummer (VW Polo); 3 D Robertson (VW Polo)

Formula VW

Race 1
1 J Kruger, 2 S Moss, 3 N van Weely
Race 2
1 J Kruger, 2 M Taylor, 3 E van der Walt

Midas Formula 1600
Race 1
1 M Merton (Mygale); 2 J Campos (Mygale); 3 J Temple (Mygale)
Race 2
1 J Campos (Mygale); 2 W Scholtz (Mygale); 3 M Merton (Mygale)

SA Superbikes
Race 1
1 G Gildenhuys (BMW); 2 N Grobler (BMW); 3 D McFadden (Kawasaki)
Race 2
1 D McFadden (Kawasaki); 2 N Grobler (BMW); 3 G Gildenhuys (BMW)

SA Supersport
Race 1
1 S Odendaal (Suzuki); 2 C Seller (Honda); 3 L Isaacs (Honda)
Race 2
1 L Isaacs (Honda); 2 C Seller (Honda); 3 B Harran (Honda)


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