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Ferrari's new 458 track day toy

2010-07-16 07:22

Ferrari’s 458 Challenge. You cannot drive it on the road, but it shows Ferrari’s hand in terms of what a possible 458 Scuderia would constitute. We live in hope…

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ferrari
Model 458 Challenge
Engine 4.5l V8
Power 420kW @ 9 000r/min
Torque 540Nm @ 6 000r/min
Transmission Seven-speed DCT
As befits its brand heritage, Ferrari has revealed its latest road car based racer.

Based on the utterly desirable 458 Italia, this track certified version adds a raft of competition trinkets.

The new 458 Challenge car (set to compete against its predecessor, the F430, in an all-Ferrari series) retains its road car sibling’s 4.5l 420kW V8.

Some revised drivetrain components ensure the Getrag seven speed dual-clutch transmission is commensurate to circuit racing abuse.

True to its racer billing the 458 Challenge gains solid aluminium bushings, more rebound resistant springs and single-rate dampers at each wheel corner that contribute to dynamic fluidity and tally a 30mm ride height reduction.

Thinner body panels and a smattering of carbon-fibre and Lexan parts have trimmed the 458 Challenge’s mass appreciably.

Ferrari has not yet confirmed how much lighter the competition car is compared to the stock 458, which weights 1 380kg.

Brakes are sourced from Brembo (similar to those found on the mad 599XX) and hide behind centre-nut locking 19-inch competition alloys.

Interestingly the new 458 Challenge hosts Ferrari’s E-Diff and F1-Trac traction control system – both firsts for a Maranello competition car.

Set to race in next year’s Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli series (against a gaggle of F430s) you would hardly bet against 458 Challenge attaining supremacy – especially considering the 458 is two seconds quicker around Fiorano than a F430...

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