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5 most important cars

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Crazy Honda coupe

2007-11-05 07:55
Using the new (in the US) Honda Accord Coupe as its base, this HF-S concept offers "a glimpse into the future of vehicle customisation".

Created by Honda Access America, the company's accessory development division in the US, this concept demonstrates how the car could be customised using its existing technology.

Exterior and powertrain modifications are designed to be functional.

LED driving lights wrap around the front bumper for increased visibility, while the shape of the bumper is designed to create a vortex effect for better high-speed aerodynamics and engine cooling.

The rear diffuser reduces drag, while the boot spoiler creates high-speed down-force. Carbon fibre panels are used along the sides of the vehicle.

Beneath the metal, throttle response, suspension settings, steering and traction levels are electronically modified to suit the driver's taste.

Added to this is a dual-port exhaust system engineered to assist performance when needed, while also being whisper-quiet during cruising.

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